Friends & Foes – Sample Play

Friends and Foes is live on kickstarter, I thought people might want to know how to play.

Setting Up

Flip For Initiative

Flip a coin to see which team starts with initiative. In this example, the other team wins initiative. They will move first and announce their effects first on the first turn.

Choose Your Character

You can draft characters or deal them out randomly. In this example we get the Enforcer. I have 30 health, and I have Heavy Armor.


You get a hand of your character’s ability cards to use during the game.

Enforcer Hand

Rune Deck

Each player gets a 21 card rune deck with 3 of each of 7 runes. Shuffle it and keep it face down.



Each player gets 3 focus to start. This is the basic resource used to play your abilities. Some abilities spend it, and others give you more.

3 Focus

Rune Tokens and Character Tokens

Place Rune Tokens on the board on the blue hexes. These can be picked up throughout the game to empower your abilities.

Place Character Tokens on the dark green hexes. This token represents you, and is the piece you’ll move around the board.

Board Set Up

Playing a Turn

Play an Ability

Everyone plays an ability face down.


Once everyone’s played an ability face down, reveal them simultaneously. In this example, I played Hymn of Valor on turn one.


Adjust Focus

Everyone adjusts their focus. I gain one because I played a +1 Focus Focus ability.

4 Focus


In initiative order each player moves. I get to move 1, because that’s what it says on Hymn of Valor.


Reveal Runes

Each player reveals rune cards from the top of the rune deck. I reveal 4 Runes2 rune cards.

Reveal Runes


In initiative order, each player describes what their ability does (usually damage). Which order things happen in often doesn’t matter, but you announce it in initiative order so people aren’t talking over each other.


I didn’t reveal an eye rune so I don’t get to look at the top three cards of my rune deck and discard two of them. I did reveal a fire rune though, so I get my combo. Combo is a keyword that is described on the board. It means I get to keep the card in play and add +4 damage to an ability I play later.

Switch Initiative

Switch initiative to the other team. Next turn my team will move first and deal damage first. That’s it, next turns. Turns are often quite fast.


Let’s say my teammate, the Fire Archer, played Fire Arrow


It has range four, so he can hit the Berserker from where he’s standing.



Let’s just suppose that this is later in the game and the Berserker has taken 24 damage so far, putting him at 6 life.


If he takes 12 damage from a Fire Arrow. He’ll take 6 damage, get a wound and go back up to 30 health (his maximum health), and then take another 6 damage for a total of 12 from Fire Arrow.

Damage 2

In a 2v2 game, the first team to score four wounds on the opposing team wins the game.


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